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Multimedia Help
Playing Audio
Depending on your security settings, you might see a dialog box or a permission request to run an add on.

Dialog Box

1. Click the information dialog and choose "Run Add On"

A Dialog Box may come up asking you...

Dialog Box

Do you want to run this ActiveX control?

Name: Windows Media Player
Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

2. Click "Run" to allow the add on to run and display the media!

Or you may need to need to enable the "VIDEO_X_MS_WMV Moniker Class" ActiceX Control to play on "ahaba.org".

(you may also choose to play it using your external player if your prefer)

Playing Video
To play Videos you must have the newest version of Adobe Flash (10.1) installed and enabled on your browser.

You may need to install flash on your computer.

Get Adobe Flash Player
Get Adobe Flash Player

If you already have flash installed on your computer you may receive a dialog box indicating that you do not have the add on enabled on your browser...

Dialog Box 

Click the link or the add on button on the information bar and enable the "Adobe Shockwave flash object".

If you are still having trouble, contact your product manufacturer documentation.

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