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In this week's parasha we have a complete description of the Moadim,
Hashem's Holidays. It is interesting, when reading the Parasha, that Hashem first begins to speak of the Moadim, but then quickly describes Shabbat first.

Why is this so?

Rashi answers this question by saying that one who desecrates the Moadim, receives a punishment as if he desecrated Shabbat. And, a person that keeps and fulfills the holiness of the Moadim, receives a reward as if he also fulfilled Shabbat.

In Rashi's answer we can see a very interesting concept. The Moadim are connected to Shabbat. One's actions on the Moadim are reflected as though one acted the same way on Shabbat. Shabbat occurs once every week, while the Moadim occur only a couple of times a year. One would naturally believe that the more rare event (Moadim) is holier than a weekly event of Shabbat. But this is not so. Rashi did not say that if one fulfills Shabbat it is as if one fulfilled the Moadim. He said the opposite. This shows us that one cannot equate the qedusha of Shabbat back to the Moadim. Shabbat is holier, and its qedusha stands alone.

Hashem blessed us with such a holy day to celebrate once a week. We should spend this day learning and furthering our connection with Him.

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