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Browse Torah Articles: Sefer Devarim: Parashat Ki Tavo: Viata Hinei Heiveti
Moshe concluded the legal section of his discourse with an account of the ceremonies to be performed in Israel involving Bekurim, the first fruits of the seven Minin. These were to be brought to the Kohein in the central sanctuary. The donor was then to recite a prayer of thanksgiving, recalling how Hashem had delivered his ancestors from Egypt and brought the new generation into a land flowing with milk and honey.

The donor must say, "Vi'ata Hinei Heiveti" (26:10), when he comes with the first fruits of the year. Our Sages tell us, "Vi'ata", means right away. The word "Hinei" signifies happiness, and the word "Heiveti" indicates that one gives of himself. Therefore, the performer of the mitzvah, is indicating his willingness to perform Hashem's law quickly, eagerly, and selflessly. We should learn from these simple three words, and approach all of Hashem's commandments in similar fashion.
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