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Browse Torah Articles: Sefer Beresheet: Parashat Noah: Eleh Tolidot Noah, Noah.

Contributed by: R. Ezra Mizrahi

Every man is familiar with claiming, because he works and toils only for his children, that he hopes that his children will grow up as good Jewish people, Bnei Torah. When these very children grow up, they again do not put any focus on themselves, but rather claim that they are working and toiling in the hopes that their children will grow up as good Jewish people, Bnei Torah. And so, and so on, the cycle continues.

Generation after generation, men ignore their scholastic Judaic potential, head to work, and hope that their children can sit and learn & become good Jews. These men are ultimately giving up on themselves.

Noah did not put himself on the side, to work only for his children- but rather, he saw himself as a "child" (ben) with the potential and the right to learn as well. Therefore, Noah's name is written first before even his own sons.

"Eleh Toledot Noah, Noah." "These are the progeny of Noah, Noah."

When discussing a man's family (progeny), the names of the sons usually follow. Here, Hashem comes to teach us an important lesson that we have to learn from Noah: that each of us must strive to provide for our children, but to also provide for ourselves, by achieving new heights in learning, and becoming better Jews.
Eleh Tolidot Noah, Noah.
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