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Contributed by: Ezra E. Mizrahi

Once a person begin on a path to achieve a task, Hashem will also help him in getting the task completed. Only when one begins in the task, will Hashem intervene and assist the individual in completing the task.

When an individual really wants to do something, Hashem will help the individual accomplish it. If the desire is pure and with complete conviction, Hashem will help even if the task is beyond one's natural ability.

Both ideas are present in our parasha this week, parashat Vayese.

First, we see Yaaqob traveling towards the house of Laban in Haran. On his way, Yaaqob passes through Be’er Sheva, Yerushalayim, and a city named Louz. Yaaqob reaches Haran and then realizes that he passed through Yerushalayim, a place where his forefather prayed and did not stop and pray. He then decides to travel back. By the time he reached Louz, Hashem helped Yaaqob and shortened the route to Yerushalayim, by being Har Hamoriah to Louz. It was here where Yaaqob prayed and called the place "Bet El".

Yaaqob started on the mission and Hashem helped.

Second, we see Yaaqob by the well with other shepards. The other shepards were waiting for more men to help move the rock that was blocking the water. Yaaqob saw Rahel and wanted to do Hesed by helping her. His will was so pure that Hashem helped him move a rock that many others could not move even when working together.

Hashem helped Yaaqob in his true conviction to do Hesed.

Understanding these two points yields a very foundational concept in how one should go about learning Torah during one's lifetime.
"Learning Torah is just too hard."
"What's the point, there is so much to know- I am never going to know it all."
"The class I go to once a week is enough. At least I do that – most guys I know don’t even go to one class."

All simple excuses, and there are many more.

One must begin slowly and make sure that there is never one 24 hour period that goes by without learning something. This is key to our very growth as Jews. Hashem will help you if you truly want to learn for the sake of doing so, if you are convicted, and not simply learning because you wife forces you too, or because you feel guilty. Hashem will open your eyes and give you the ability to understand things you never thought you could. Hashem will shorten the difficult route and give you beracha in all you do.
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