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Many people look past a very basic elementary message we learn in this week's parasha from Moshe Rabeynou. In verse 19:8 it states:

"The entire people responded together and said, ‘Everything that Hashem has spoken we shall do!’ Moses brought back the words of the people to Hashem."

Did Moshe not believe that Hashem was all-knowing and all-powerful?
Did Moshe believe that Hashem needed him to report back what Bnei Yisrael responded?
Doesn’t Hashem know what people say and think immediately?

In understanding Moshe's actions we turn to Rashi. He explains that we learn a lesson of Derech Eres from Moshe Rabeynou. Moshe knew with full certainty that Hashem knew what Bnei Yisrael answered the second they answered it. Nevertheless, Moshe returned to Hashem to fulfill his mission, and close the issue by providing the response to Hashem.

How is this "Derech Eres"?

When one is sent on an errand, one must return back with the information one learned on the mission. Even if the information has undoubtedly become known to the one who sent the individual on the errand, we learn from Moshe a level of Kavod (respect) that one must always have to the Beriyot (mankind).
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