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Contributed by: R. Ezra Mizrahi

In this week's parasha, Qorah, we see the rebellion of an individual against Moshe and Aharon. Qorah, in his wisdom, was able to convince many fellow Israelites join in his rebellion. The Torah then describes the test that proved that Hashem was with Moshe and Aharon, which meant the demise of Qorah and his followers.

After the loss of these Israelites, the reminder of the community came to Moshe:

"The entire assembly of the Children of Israel complained on the morrow against Moshe and Aharon saying, ‘You have killed the people of Hashem’".

We see that the "test" of Qorah and his followers, was misinterpreted by the people. Hashem created an unusual death for Qorah and his followers, as the ground opened and swallowed them. Moshe even preempted the event by telling the people that if something strange happens, that they should know that it is from Hashem. Still, the people misinterpreted what happened and wildly claimed that Moshe killed the people with some sort of witchcraft.

We see here an important foundation in the way we must see life. People ask, "Why doesn’t Hashem perform miracles today?" In truth, what we learn from this week's parasha, that it is up to us to see the miracle. It is up to us to find and see what is truly divine in our lives. For even obvious miracles can be seen as something else, as proven in this parasha. May we blessed with the ability to truly "see" all the good that is in our lives.
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