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Browse Torah Articles: Sefer Bemidbar: Parashat Pinehas: Berit Kehounat Olam

Contributed by: R. Ezra Mizrahi

This week's Parasha, Pine’has, we read of the reward given to Pine’has for his zealous actions in last week's Parasha. Hashem instructs Moshe to inform Pine’has of his reward, perpetual priesthood, as he and his children will now be considered Kohanim.

[When Hashem ordained Aharon and his sons as kohanim, they were sanctified, as was their future children. However, Pine’has was already born from Elazar, and therefore missed the ordaining of priesthood].

The Meshech Hochma asks: Why is it that Hashem does not tell Pine’has directly? Why have Moshe tell Pine’has?

The Rambam writes in this introduction to the commentary on the Mishna, teaches us that all the promises that Hashem makes to man, can change based upon sinning. Similarly, Yaacob feared future generations’ sins might cause Bnei Yisrael not to receive the blessings that Hashem bestowed upon the forefathers. However, the Rambam explains, that when Hashem makes a promise by way of a prophet, they is no way for the promise not to become fulfilled, unless the prophecy is given with conditions.

We can understand now why Hashem did not tell Pine’has directly. Had Hashem spoken to Pine’has directly, the reward of priesthood would be susceptible to not becoming fulfilled later generations, if his descendants sinned. Hashem wanted to guarantee the priesthood to all of Pine’has's descendants, and therefore told Moshe, a third party, to report a prophecy without condition to Pine’has.

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