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Browse Zemanim: Pesah Sheni

What is Pesah Sheni?

"Pesah Sheni" or the "Second Pesah" takes place on the 14th of Iyar. During the time of the Bet Hamiqdash, all those who were unable to bring the Pesah sacrifice during its ideal time, the fourteenth of Nisan, were given the opportunity to bring the sacrifice on this date. As it states in the Torah (Bemidbar 9: 10-11):
"Speak to the children of Israel saying: any man who is ritually impure because of…or is distant… in the second month on the fourteenth day in the evening, he shall bring it and it shall be eaten with Masot and Maror."

Why a second chance?

All other Qorbanot must be brought at a specific time and if that time passes, the sacrifice cannot be brought. Qorban Pesah is different.
There is a severe punishment associated with not bringing Qorban Pesah that is not mentioned by any other sacrifices. If one fails to bring this sacrifice, the punishment is "Karet," being cut off from the nation of Israel. Because the punishment is so great, two opportunities are given to bring the sacrifice and strengthen the bond with the collective life-force of the nation of Israel.

  1. Key Halachot - Pesah Sheni
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