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Browse Zemanim: Pesah Sheni: Key Halachot - Pesah Sheni
  1. One brings the Pesah sacrifice on Pesah Sheni due to any of the following reasons:
    1. Ritually impure (Tameh) during Pesah Rishon (14th of Nisan)
    2. Traveling in a distant place during Pesah Rishon
    3. Unintentially/intentionally did not bring the sacrifice on Pesah Rishon
  2. If a minority of the people were ritually impure then the ritually pure people bring the sacrifice on the 14th of Nisan, while the minority (ritually impure) bring the sacrifice on Pesah Sheni.
  3. If a majority of the people were ritually impure, or the Kohanim/utensils of Bet Hamiqdash were impure, the sacrifice is brought on the 14th of Nisan anyway! Just those who are ritually pure (minority) offer the sacrifice separately.
  4. Qorbant Pesah (on either date) can be brought on Shabbat, and requires Hallel to be recited during its preparation. Both are to be roasted in one's home, and eaten with Masa and Maror. No meat may be left from this Qorban, and no bones may be broken from the animal offered.
On Pesah Sheni we commemorate the day by saying Yehi Shem.
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