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Browse Zemanim: Shabouot: Decorating with leaves and branches

There are three reasons why we decorate our kines and homes with greenery on Shabuoth:

1. Is traditional to decorate our synagogues and homes with greenery and fragrant flowers as a reminder that the giving of the Torah took place on a mountain full of greenery.

2. Moshe was born on the seventh of Adar and was hidden by his mother for three months, until, on the sixth of Sivan, she placed him in a basket among the river reeds (Shemoth 2:2-3). We therefore place reeds and other greenery in our homes and synagogues to commemorate the miracle performed for Moshe Rabbenu.

3. Bnei Yissaschar explains that the source for the custom is a midrash (Vayikra Rabbah, parashat Ahareh Moth) which relates the following parable: To what can this be compared? A king had a garden which had become overgrown with thorns. The king brought gardeners to cut down the garden, but then he saw a single rose blooming. He said: "For the sake of this rose, let the whole garden be saved!" Similarly, God declares: "In the merit of the Torah, the entire world shall be saved.

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