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Browse Zemanim: Hanoukah: Learning on Hanukah

Contributed by: R. Ezra Mizrahi

Rabeynou Ovadya Yosef writes:
"It is proper for one to learn the halachot of Hanukah on Hanukah."

There is a genernal misvah to always begin studying the laws of a holiday thirty days before the actual holiday. Rabeynou Yerouham explains that on Hanukah, part of the misvah of the holiday is to learn on the holiday, about the holiday.

Part of the tragedy that occurred during the Greek occupation of the Jewish nation, was their evil attempt to cause us to lose our religion. Part of their decrees restricted Jews to learn Torah. This is why part of the misva of Hanukah is to learn on the actual holiday itself about the laws of the holiday.

Of course, one must know the halachot before the holiday to know what to do on the holiday. However, one should not stop the studying when the hag starts, but rather one should continue to strive for a deeper understanding of the 'why' we do what we do...

Hag Sameah!
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