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Contributed by: Rabbi Haim Shaul

Rabbi Yosef Albo A"H (14th century) writes: "It appears to me that the 13 Fundamental Principles that are listed by our great teacher HaRambam, that form the foundation of our faith and belief can be all included in three principles:"

According to Rabbi Albo they are:
1) that Hashem exists
2) that Hashem watches us, rewards and punishes us for our deeds
3) that the Torah is of divine origin

All the other beliefs listed by the Rambam are included in these. For example, the belief that Hashem has always existed and will always exist is continued in the aspect of the belief that He does exist. The belief that the Torah is of divine origin requires a belief in prophecy.

An allusion to the fact that the three principles listed above are the core of our faith is that our sages composed three separate special blessings to recite in the Mousaf on Rosh Hashanah. The first of those blessings "Malchouyot" Kingship, parallels our belief that Hashem exists.

The next blessing "Zichronot" Remembrances, speaks of the fact that Hashem watches us, rewards and punishes us for our deeds.

Finally the third blessing, "Shofarot" recalls the sound of the Shofar, which accompanied the giving of the Torah. That is why this third blessing begins: "In the cloud of Your Glory and You appear on Your Holy Mountain (Mount Sinai)."
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