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Browse Zemanim: Hanoukah: Blessing on Lighting in the Shul
What blessings are made when lighting in the Bet HaKinesset?

Generally, the Rabbi or Hazan is given the honor of lighting in the Bet Kinesset. Some places allow the Shamash to light. During the week, the individual lighting makes both blessings: Lehadliq Ner Hanukah and Sheasah Nissim (and Shehehiyanu on the first night). However, on Hanukah which falls on Friday night (as occurs twice this year), the individual lighting only makes one blessing, because every one already lit at home before coming to the Bet Kinesset. He only recites the blessing on his action "Lehadliq Ner Hanukah", because everyone already lit at home before coming to the Bet Kinesset.
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