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Halachot regarding Tu Beshvat
  1. There is no Vidui on Tu Beshvat.
  2. On Shabbat Tu Beshvat, no Sidkatecha is recited in Minha of Shabbat.
  3. Having fruit on the holiday is a minhag not halacha. It is preferable to have of the seven fruit that the land of Israel was blessed with.
  4. Best not to have the fruit between Qidoush and the seouda, because doing so presents someone in a sitution that there is an argument between the rabbis. Does birkat hamazon cover fruit that were before the seouda or not? To avoid the problem, have the fruit after the meal.
  5. One may choose to bring the fruit after birkat hamazon, and make a blessing on them before and after eating, in order to create additional blessings, to complete 100 blessings for the day. One does not have to fear creating a non-needed blessing.
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