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Browse Zemanim: Hanoukah: Lighting Candles Ereb Shabbat

Contributed by: R. Ezra Mizrahi

It is proper to light the candles of Hanoukah before the candles of Shabbat. Even though there is a well-known principle, that whatever one does more often, one should do first (Tadir Veshe'eno Tadir, Tadir Qodem)- which in this case translates that the weekly lighting the candles for Shabbat should come first, nevertheless, we light the Hanoukah Candles first.

Some say the reason is that if we were to light the Shabbat candles first, we would be unable to light the Hanoukah candles because it would already be Shabbat, and one is not allowed to light a fire on Shabbat. However, this reason is not correct. As Sepharadim, we do not accept Shabbat in the lighting of the Shabbat candles, but rather at the recital of Qabalt Shabbat in the Bet Kinesset. And especially in this case, where one has in mind to light the candles of Hanoukah immediately after lighting the candles of Shabbat, and is therefore far from accepting Shabbat in the lighting of the candles of Shabbat.

Maran is poseq to light the candles of Hanoukah first, and his reasoning is as follows: even those posqim that may argue and claim one should light Shabbat candles first, they are not saying that it is not allowed to light Hanoukah candles first. The ruling is brought down as one "should" like Shabbat candles first. In addition, the Hanoukah candles have added weight because of "Persoumeh Nisa" to advertise the miracle of Hanoukah. Due to these two reasons, we light the candles of Hanoukah first on Ereb Shabbat.

If one made a mistake, husband or wife, and lit Shabbat candles first, they are still permitted to light the candles of Hanoukah, because according to Maran, one does not accept Shabbat with the lighting of candles. Even if the wife verbally accepted Shabbat when she lit the candles of Shabbat, she cannot accept Shabbat for the entire

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